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August 8th, 2016

Superior Automotive blog:


In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell


I have put this off long enough…I need to speak my mind!  I have spent the last twenty plus years working in the automotive field as a professional technician, service writer, teacher, and shop owner, and the time has come to try and set some things straight.

Proceed with caution:  Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This blog is not a  politically correct love fest about boring car stuff. This is a no bullsh*t, big boy pants wearing, truth telling, honest in your face, what the hell is happening, straight talk about the industry. Some of why I am doing this is for me, but the majority is for the reader/consumer. My hope is to spread some truth on this often misunderstood industry. Trust me, I realize, that in this politically correct world this.. “in your face” approach could “hurt” my business, but I don’t care anymore! I have seen my industry, my profession go to the birds, and I am tired of it! I spent the first part of my life working and training to become the best technician in the industry and I take my profession seriously. I am tired of the lies, the poor quality of service, marginal at best technicians, bad parts, and to top it off ridiculously high prices for lackluster work.  My hope is twofold: One, I will hold my business to an even higher standard and become better at serving the customer, and two, by educating the consumer on the truth, save them some money.


    My plan is to write, as the spirit moves me, and to spread some light on this thing we call car repair. Keep your eyes open for my first article and hang on for a hell of a ride. I promise it will be an eye opener! Stayed tuned, and remember if you are a PC person….I warned you!


Chris Walline

Owner Superior Auto

ASE MASTER and L1 Advanced drivability certified